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SEO Services: Enhance your Presence in the Digital World

At 11ads.gr, we are an advertising company specializing in website and e-shop development. However, we offer more than that. We also provide specialized SEO services to optimize your presence in the digital world.

By harnessing Artificial Intelligence and leveraging our expertise, we create SEO strategies that will help you elevate your website or e-shop to top positions in search engine results.

From optimizing your content to developing strong backlinks and conducting keyword research, we take care of the complete management of your SEO strategy.

We take care of optimizing your content

We undertake the full management of your SEO strategy.

Using Google and social media platforms, we create advanced advertising campaigns that will boost the visibility of your business and help you reach new customers.

At 11ads.gr, we combine technology with creativity to offer you a comprehensive SEO solution. We undertake the development of customized strategies that will meet the needs and aspirations of your business.

By choosing 11ads.gr, you are choosing quality, experience, and effectiveness in your digital presence. Allow us to help you elevate your business in the competitive digital space.

Technical SEO

  • Technical Audit and Code Analysis

  • Code Technical Audit Restoration

  • Robots.txt File Configuration/Verification

  • Search Engine Availability

  • Page Speed Analysis

  • Schema Markup Strategies

On-Page SEO

  • Database-driven Keyword Research

  • Organic CTR Optimization

  • Keyword and On-Page Optimization

  • Internal Linking Improvements

  • Content Calendar Strategies

  • Content Implementation

Link Building

  • Digital Public Relations

  • Domain Authority Improvement

  • High-Quality Link Standards

  • Collaboration with Journalists/Bloggers

  • Digital Content and Content Marketing

  • Competitor Profiling/Targeting